Gilding the Angel:Public come forward with pictures

A public appeal for pictures of the day the Guildford Cathedral angel came down from his vantage point to be re- gilded has brought forth lots of new pictures of the iconic event.

The weather vane angel, synonymous with Guildford Cathedral, has only been brought down once since the Cathedral’s inauguration in 1961 –  in the Summer of 2000.

Crowds watched as the angel was brought down to the ground and then set in scaffolding for a new layer of gold to be applied.

But until recently, only a handful of pictures and a video have been available in the Cathedral archive.

Last week, the People’s Cathedral Project staff put out an appeal to see if any of the many bystanders on the day had more photographs to give a fresh perspective on this unusual day in the life of the Cathedral’s angel.

After coverage on Eagle Radio and the Guildford Dragon, several members of the public have come forward with new pictures, some of which have come from the Guildford Town Past and Present Facebook page.

Here’s a film, taken by Valerie Groves, of the gilding as it happened:

And here is a selection of the contributions which have been sent in:

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