BREAKING NEWS: Geography doesn’t have to be about rivers

Will Barnes has just begun the considerable task of classifying and writing a dissertation on Guildford Cathedral’s 1460 kneelers. Read his account here!

Working dissertations

I’ve had a lot of interest in my project subsequent to my last blog post which has been great – unless you are all just being nice. I’ll take it as the former. With all this attention I was hoping to find a kneeler devoted to Europe for a chance to spontaneously pontificate my political views on the EU referendum. Fortunately for you no such kneeler has been found so instead of economics, bureaucracy and immigration, you will be lectured on culture, geography, and textiles.

On a serious note, don’t mess this up Britain (I’ll refrain from expressing my opinion to prevent this becoming a political debate).

Anyway – back to the Cathedral and my placement, which is understandably more important than the momentous vote tomorrow. On Monday I embarked on the colossal task of documenting all 1460 kneelers of Guildford Cathedral. Thankfully, I had help from a gifted photographer…

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