224,000 hours of stitching, 3 days of photographing

The man who is researching our 1460 kneelers has just completed the gargantuan task of photographing all of them! Read all about how he did it….

Working dissertations

It’s coming to the end of my time here at Guildford Cathedral. Well, it’s not really – I’m just going on holiday to Mallorca and will be busy doing other things until the end of August (rather than looking at kneelers). I will almost definitely be back in September and it wouldn’t be surprising if I’m still around way after my dissertation is handed in.

Anyway, today was the day that I was set to finish photographing and documenting all 1460 of the cathedral’s kneelers. Or it should’ve been. Turns out there were actually 1600. I still finished, just the final remnants of novelty wore off as the count exceeded the expected.


It was a task that I was told would be overcast with monotony and occupy the entirety of my summer. It didn’t. It took me three days. I say me, I mean we. The 14-hour project was only…

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