Archive Item of the Week: Designing the Mundane

Welcome to Archive item of the week: where we delve into Guildford Cathedral Archives to highlight some of the unique items within the collection.


This week: Designing the Cathedral.  Our People’s Cathedral Archivist takes a rare look at the design process for the Cathedral.


If you have been or know of Guildford Cathedral you are probably aware that it is a very unique Cathedral building – it is a 20th Century build Cathedral which results in having a very different look on the outside to many other Cathedral’s around the country.  However once you step inside you really do see something quite different – it is a beautiful light space fulfilling the vision of the architect Sir Edward Maufe.


Within the archive we have many fascinating glimpses into the work that went into planning and designing a 20th Century Cathedral.  We are certainly in a very unique situation to be able to show the original design process for the construction of the cathedral.

Even the smallest and sometimes mundane items within the cathedral were subject to intense scrutiny by the architect and thanks to our unique archive we can share them with you.


You may not have even noticed the details on the exterior of the cathedral on the pipe ears but like all other items within the cathedral they were meticulously planned.

Here we can see the initial sketches by Sir Edward Maufe for the design of the Ears for the rainwater pipes.  It is captivating to see the design process involved in even the smallest of items – items that the everyday visitor would just not notice.



It is safe to say that after the discovery of these items in the archive, more attention will be paid to them from the HLF team!