Archive Item of The Week: Supporting a New Cathedral

Welcome to Archive item of the week: where we delve into Guildford Cathedral Archives to highlight some of the unique items within the collection.


This week: The Supporters.  Our People’s Cathedral Archivist delves into the archive to explore the beginnings of the Cathedral build and the supporters it attracted.


Building work on Guildford Cathedral was begun in 1936 and as news spread of the building work on a new Cathedral building it started to attract supporters.


Within the Cathedral Archives we have fascinating glimpses into the community spirit that was involved in bringing Guildford Cathedral to life.   Leading to the nickname ‘The People’s Cathedral’ as a result of the great community spirit that was involved in Buying a Brick and supporting the campaign to complete Guildford Cathedral.


Even before the Second World War the Cathedral was attracting interest from groups and organisations willing to donate and subscribe to the building fund and we have a captivating item within the archive that brings the two together.



In the Archive we have both evidence that the building of Guildford Cathedral was attracting interest from those subscribing to the building work and a wish to record those involved.  This led to the Court of Stationers’ and Newspaper Markers’ Company contacting the cathedral to donate an item themselves.

Our gift would consist of a bound volume containing the requisite number of blank pages with an illuminated title page, and another illuminated page recording the Company’s presentation

Golden Book001

This offer of a beautiful book to record the history of the building of the Cathedral was greeted favourably as demonstrated by this item from the archive.

Golden Book002.jpg

Without kind donations and supporters the Cathedral would never have been able to become the great building it is today, and it is encouraging to find such references of community spirit and support within our archives