Archive Item of the Week : The History of Vestments

Welcome to Archive Item of the Week: Where we delve into Guildford Cathedral Archives to highlight some of the unique items within the collection.


This Week: The Vestments.  Our People’s Cathedral Archivist delves into the archive to explore an intriguing piece of research.


Within Guildford Cathedral Archives there are some intriguing items that don’t necessarily fit alongside the other documents in the archive detailing the history and the workings of the Cathedral and this week’s item is one of them.


We have many interesting pieces of research relating to the cathedral in the archive, from masters dissertations and theses to local history pieces but within this inconspicuous green book is an intriguing item.

sketches (2)

An individual named “Stone” did a great deal of research into the Vestments of the Clergy detailing what was worn at each Service and special Services and the Vestments for each member of the clergy at these Services.



Within the sketch book are a collection of sketches of early clergy members and the vestments that they wore.  The sketches are a stunning insight into an individual’s research and provides a useful resource for anyone wishing to study the Vestments of the Early Church.


Unfortunately we have no record of who the researcher “Stone” was or indeed why their research found its way to the Guildford Cathedral Archives.  Nonetheless we are thankful of the work and research as it provides us with a beautiful and interesting item in our archive.