Tales of Christmas Past: A Festive Look into the Archives

As it is that time of year again where Christmas is almost upon us it seems apt that we take a peak into the Guildford Cathedral Archives to see how this time of year has been celebrated at our Cathedral over its history.


Christmas started being celebrated here at the Cathedral long before the Cathedral was Consecrated in 1961.

Reed’s School in Cobham have been holding their Carol Service here at the Cathedral for a long time as show by this Service Paper for their Nine Lessons and Carols held in the ‘New Cathedral in Guildford’ in 1957

Service paper 057.jpg

Once the Cathedral was Consecrated in 1961 celebrations for Advent and Christmas were in full swing at the Cathedral as shown by these Service Papers from 1961




Schools have regularly been coming up the Cathedral to hold their Christmas Services right from the beginning of our history.  Here are just some of the publications over the years.


And lets not forget that our Choirs are incredibly busy singing carols and are indeed recording artists – here are just some of their CDs.


We would like to wish all our readers a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We will leave you with a festive photographs of our Cathedral in the snow.img_0012.jpg