The Surveyor’s Story – Part 2

Since my last entry, there have been some significant changes to the scaffolding in the Cathedral. The works have progressed to the point where works to the Nave ceiling must commence, and this means setting up the decking over the ladder beams to support, what we are calling, ‘the Pyramid’ scaffold which will cover the whole ceiling area. Decoration to the North and South Aisles has been complete, and once the lighting is installed it can be struck. They may not be visible now due to the deck, but large steel beams have now been hung from the columns in the nave to also support this deck.

You will also notice that the decorations in the south ambulatory have also been completed, and access to this area has been handed back to the Cathedral. We will shortly be starting on the North ambulatory and aim to also get this handed back as soon as practically possible. Decorations to the Sanctuary have moved on and it now looks much brighter and welcoming than before. Walk out to the crossing and see for yourself! In comparison to the Nave currently it is strikingly different.

As you stand in the crossing you won’t be able to help but notice the huge steel beams that have also been hung from the cathedral walls above the North and South Transepts to help support the temporary decking in this area.


The huge area of the Nave suddenly seems a lot smaller due to this temporary ceiling. It is unbelievable how much temporary structure has to be out in place to carry out the essential works to the cathedral ceiling.


Externally, more scaffold is being erected to the north tower, our ground work is close to completing the works to the North porch where a new lift will eventually be placed to allow for disabled access. To the front of the Cathedral the brickwork to for the ramp to the main entrance is looking extremely good with a Monk bond to match the existing Cathedral brickwork.


We hope that works that have now been complete allow visitors a slightly different perspective on the works still to come.