Explore our Archives

Over the past few months things have certainly been busy in Guildford Cathedral Archives.  As part of The People’s Cathedral Project lots of activity has been happening in the Archives and all this hard work is all starting to come together.


As we enter into the New Year it seems apt that we celebrate one of the biggest achievements that has happened as part of the project in the Archive and that is the establishment of our own Guildford Cathedral Archive Catalogue website.


This website is brand new, having been launched at the very end of December.  On this site you will be able to explore our catalogue and to search our collections.  This means that you will be able to search and explore just what we have within our collections and to search for items that might be related to your specific research topic.


On this website will also be the area where will can put together online exhibitions, enabling you to explore a curated collection of archive materials from the comfort of your own home.  As we have limited space within the Cathedral to safely display items from within our Archive we felt it was important to be able to have a space where we can bring together exhibitions of our materials and ensure that the collections are open and accessible to all those wishing to view them.



Additionally you also have the ability to be able to contribute to the website.  As part of The People’s Cathedral Project we are very keen to hear from you about your memories of Guildford Cathedral, whether that be you signing in the Cathedral Choirs or to a school visit to the Cathedral.


If you wish to share photographs, written memories or any other scanned documents you will be able to do that here.  This section of the website is designed to be fully interactive – help us enhance our Archive with living memories, doing this will help our Archive to come alive!


Please do keep an eye out on this website, we are continually working on our Archive collection by cataloguing as much as we can as part of The People’s Cathedral Project.  This means that our website will be constantly updated on a daily basis with new items being added.

Of course if you are searching for something in particular and cannot find it please do get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you.