New Digitised Archives items ready to view

Here in Guildford Cathedral Archives we have incredibly busy doing lots of work in our Archives to make our collections much more open and available for researchers and visitors to search and view, we have a fantastic collection here at Guildford Cathedral and we want to be able to share it with you.

The biggest project that we have been working on is digitising large parts of our collection, meaning that you can see these items from the comfort of our own home on our new Catalogue Website.

After a lot of hard work and graft we are pleased to say that our first main digitised collection is now up and ready for you to view, these are our fantastic kneeler patterns.


Within the Archives we have a collection of patterns for our kneelers that were made in preparation for the making of our kneelers.  These kneelers are unique to our Cathedral and all follow a similar pattern and design. They follow a very strict colour code implemented by the architect’s wife Prudence Maufe.  The bottom half of each kneeler is in Guildford Blue – representing Stag Hill and a wheat coloured top half representing the sky.


Each of our kneelers is unique to those that designed them but they do still conform to basic design of blue and white.  The patterns give us an insight into the design work involved in creating these kneelers – the patterns needed to be submitted to the architect before they could be made and many of the patterns carry his signature, denoting his approval. Not all the patterns in our collection were eventually made but many of our patterns can be matched up with the completed kneeler within the Cathedral.


If you want to explore our newly digitised collection of kneeler patterns, head over to the Archive Catalogue website and have and explore – you never know what you might discover!