New Collections ready to explore

Here in Guildford Cathedral Archives we have been incredibly busy working on our Archive Collections, cataloguing and looking after them to make sure that they are more accessible for researchers and visitors.  We have a fantastic collection here at Guildford Cathedral and we want to share as much with you as possible.

We are happy to share with you that we have fully catalogued another major part of our collection – The Vernon Hill Collection.


This collection was gifted to us by the widow of Vernon Hill and it contains some fascinating works of art including small scale rough drafts of finished works or marquettes
They are stunning examples of work in progress by a notable artist.

Who was Vernon Hill?

Vernon Hill was born 1887 in Halifax in Yorkshire, he became a renowned sculptor, lithographer, illustrator and draughtsman.

His most notable works were commissions by the architect Sir Edward Maufe, here at Guildford Cathedral as well as working on notable other buildings such as the Runnymede Memorial.
Guildford Cathedral is fortunate to have many examples of Vernon Hills work throughout the building, both internally and externally. And the work here has been described by many as his finest work.

He created the two outstanding bronze doors on the east door of the South Porch. Each of the doors depict various occupations of both men and women.

He also produced the arms of Bishop Greig over the inside of the scarcity door and also the sculpture of St Ursula over the inside of St Ursula’s Porch.